29 October 2014

Fawn Wishlist


Today, I thought I'd make a wish list post seeing as I've yet to make one. What better first wish list post to be done than for Fawn. To give you a little insight to what Fawn is, it's an online shopping boutique that sells clothing items down to purses. Iram is the founder of Fawn and I would like to think of her as a friend also. Fawn is UK based so they do have some good UK offers such as free shipping over 35 pound and free return. Lucky duckys!

#1. Getting right into my wish list, here is my first one. This is the Elissa Khaki Top with Drop Neck and Chain Detail. As much as I scrolled to check what else was on the site, I always came back to this top. The color is lovely and the back just completes the design. Effortlessly dresses up a look.

(Source: Elissa Khaki Top )

#2. Next, is this Jess Crochet Pencil Skirt. As simple as it may look, I feel like it can look quite elegant. The floral lace gives it a classy feel.

(Source: Jess Crochet Pencil Skirt )

#3. Next on the list is this Ariana Diamante Bow Satchel. Just look at it. What more can I say?

(Source: Ariana Diamante Bow Satchel )

#4. Lastly, is this Giselle Neoprene Skater Skirt. I don't know what it is with skirts like these but I'm sure I own about 3 that look the same. You just can't go wrong with skater skirts. Pair it with a blouse, leather jacket, heels and you're out the door!

And there you have it! My Fawn wish list. I know none of these things seem fall and winter appropriate but you can definitely layer them up to fit any season. Let me know what your wish lists are.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I never knew about Fawn, but definitely checking it out! Love the first skirt, so pretty.


    1. It's great :)
      Love these items!
      Thanks for the comment. :)

      Jay xx