26 March 2018

Shaking off the "Lazy" Label

Welcome back!

If you've read my post Back to the Grind - College Edition , you would know I just recently started my classes again after a very long "semester off". Let me start off by saying about how much I am loving it and I'm so thankful to be back in the swing of things. Actually, it's probably better than being back in the swing of things, I'm beyond motivated and happy with my decision, I've been working really hard to try and do well in my classes to achieve my goals.

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One thing people immediately do when I tell them I've started my classes again and am taking three this semester is look at me a bit worried and say, "And you're working?". Yes, I am taking three classes that have rather extensive reading to them, while I'm working. I never really saw this as a big deal. I figured at least it wasn't five classes and working. Once I started my classes I realized that unless I'm keeping up with everything, it'll be easy to fall behind. The time that I'm not in class or working, I need to dedicate to finishing my readings, homework, and essays. I learned quickly that keeping up with things, and using your time wisely helps keep the load off and ensures you're up to date with the class and doing well.

I'm going to back track a little bit and get to the point of this post. While I was growing up and in school, I never really put in my best effort. Not in middle school, high school or the beginning years of college. I was considered "Lazy". As much as I've always hated that term, I look back now and realize I really was. I just didn't want to try. I was content with mediocre work.

I've come a long way since then but I feel myself trying to shake off the "lazy" label. I've gotten to the point of being exhausted some days to prove to others that not only can I achieve what I said I would do but to show that I'm not lazy. I read somewhere - I wish I knew where I read it, as the saying seemed to have stuck with me - that we seem to glorify being exhausted. Becoming so busy and having no "me" time to relax, eat some potato chips and watch Netflix is something that has been correlated with a hard worker. I feel like I was trying to do that this semester but realized the huge fault in it.

I've realized that I'm not lazy at all. It just comes down to the point of what you're motivated in, you'll put the effort in to achieve more. I wasn't trying when I was younger because I wasn't motivated in anything - but now that I am, I'm so ready to achieve my goals. It's all a matter of finding out what you want to do with the rest of your life, or even just smaller goals, and setting up what you need to do to get there - guaranteed you'll want to do your best to achieve it. Those steps don't have to take over your whole day, take some time and watch that new episode on Netflix or read a book or take a nap. Just remember the balance.

I hope this post helps you. Work hard on what you want to achieve and your goals. No matter how you get there, try not to compare your success with someone else's. Keep on keeping on and remember to take a break every once in a while so you don't over do it.