27 April 2016

Floral Romper Outfit

Welcome back little birdies!
(I thought that was pretty cute..common' :) )

Today, I bring you a comfy laid back yet still girly outfit post! I'm so excited to have done this because this is one of my favorite outfits. It's a laid back floral romper. Mia from confidentlycurly.com and I took a little road trip so she can take these photos for me. (Thank you!) Even though we spend most of our friendship in a car, she agreed to take the hour drive (such an amazing friend!). It was a little chilly by the time we got there which I wasn't expecting and maaan was it windy. Overall I feel this was the perfect setting for this outfit. However, due to personal reasons getting ready for this, I didn't get to pair it with any accessories with it. Sorry! Anyways, I'm going to stop blabbering. Let's get to it. (Warning: This post is photo heavy)

This floral romper is one of my favorite outfits to wear. It is so comfortable and perfect for the beautiful weather we have been getting lately. I actually got this romper second hand so I'm not sure where it's from or how much it costs (Sorry!). Besides being printed with beautiful flowers, this romper also has a collar which is something I tend to lean towards when it comes to clothing. You can pair a necklace with this if you so desire. I would lean more towards a longer necklace because it has the collar. 
I decided to venture out from the normal everyday tights after seeing that they have designs on some of them! I bought these tights from Target for $8! It's one of my favorites and I really think I'll start to stock up on them. Although very cute they are pretty light weight and might tear easily. I would recommend getting a second pair as back up. These little booties were a Christmas gift to me from one of my best friends. I'm not sure how much they cost but I do know they were from Marshall's. You can always find good deals there.

I said in a previous post that I would start to write down what make up products I was using also. You can't tell in this photo at all but I did use the Natural Eyes Palette from Too Faced. I'm wearing L'Oreal True Match foundation in W1-2 porcelain, and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in Light (That is a concealer I always go back to! It's wonderful.) and finished off my face with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. Maybelline's Eye Studio gel liner for my wing and for my lashes I have on Bare Mineral's Lash Domination. Lastly, on my lips I'm wearing a combination of Too Faced Naked Dolly and Kiko's Creamy Gloss in 101.

I know I say this a lot but this has to be one of my favorite outfits. It's super cute, comfortable, and pretty easy. You can pair it with a leather jacket to make it more edgy if you wanted to go on a night out or pair it with a jean jacket if you wanted to keep it causal during the day.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what accessories you would pair with this floral romper!

Thanks for reading!


13 April 2016

Let's Go Shopping!

Hello again, Lovely!

A couple months ago I met up with one of my best friends for a shopping morning. Good thing about shopping in the morning is that you get the stores pretty much to yourself. I splurged just a bit in just three different stores and I thought I'd share that with you!

First store we went too was Macy's. I don't shop too much at Macy's because it can get a bit expensive but I swear my friend has shopping luck. She always finds things either on sale or finds a way to get percentage off of it. First thing I picked up was Jessica Simpson Super Skinny Ultimate Stretch black pants. Unfortunately, these were not on sale. I bought another pair of skinnies that fit more into a thick legging category. These are from the brand Tinseltown Denim Couture. The reason I bought these was because several years ago I went to Puerto Rico to visit some family. We went shopping and to my surprise they had a Zara! They don't have Zara in my state so I was really excited to be able to shop there. I had a hard time finding those thick legging type of pants that had leather on either the front or the sides but I found it right away when shopping at Zara and those became my favorite pair of "fancy" pants. (I giggled too while writing "fancy pants".) Anyways, fast forward to today those pants no longer fit me so when I went to Macy's and saw these I knew I just had to grab a pair! Thankfully for me they were on sale!

(I did have to play with the exposure on this photo a bit because it came out much brighter on camera)

My friend Jenn had spotted this simple blue shirt that at first I wasn't too sure on but it's one of those that you just have to try on and make your final decision. I'm not even sure on what type of material it is. I tried it on anyways and to my surprise it actually didn't look that bad! It went really well with the leggings and I'm so ready to pair it with my leather jacket! I also got this beautiful navy blue stripped peplum shirt. I love me peplum style shirts (even skirts or pants!) but this one had extra material on the sides. It's a simple yet beautiful shirt and it's one of my favorite purchases. Finally on our way out of Macy's we spotted two of the most gorgeous light weight jackets you've ever seen! She bought a beautiful pink blazer type jacket it was short in the back and tappered off to a point at the front with this really cool design at the back. Mine was a bit more simple but it was a lovely maroon color and I just couldn't walk away without it. My friend does have it with her at the moment so I'll just insert a picture here if I can find it on the Macy's website.

The next store I went into was Garage. I'm pretty sure it's a Canadian store that just recently made it's way into the U.S. They have super cute things in there as well but I seemed to get really picky with what I bought when I was in there so all I ended up getting was this printed "ballerina" shirt. Now I have a little story behind this one. I saw a shirt pretty much exactly like this one in the beginning of the store with other colors and patterns along with it. I fell in love with the floral print so I held onto it while I continued shopping. (I clearly didn't mind it was $15!) I made my way into the sales side and what do I find but non other than the EXACT same shirt for - wait for this.. - $5!!!! Whhhaat!? I tried them both on and they both had the same fit! So of course I went for the 5 buck one! What an absolute steal. I also grabbed a pack of those cute little elastics for my hair.

The last store that I was able to go a little crazy in was Charlotte Russe. I really wanted to go to this one because the Charlotte Russe near me closed so I had to drive pretty far just to go to this one. I was in a bit of a rush by the time I got into this store because I had to go to work that day also. I'll start with the pants. I bought two of these really cute high waisted skinnies. I thought they were super cute and super comfortable so I grabbed two! One in grey and one in a military green color. Good thing about buying two of them was get one buy one for... $12.50! These pants originally cost $32.99 ;) Certainly can't complain! The last two items I bought were these two dresses. The first one I saw I thought was really simple and sweet. It's definitely my kind of style. It's a navy blue with a stripped skirt attached. It also has a little peek-a-boo cut out in the back that gave it a cute little touch. I love it. On the other side of the spectrum from the blue one, I got a nude little number! Nude's are my favorite colors to go for in clothing and makeup so I knew I'd be walking out with this one when I found it! It's fully lace and the length is just beautiful. It's a classic dress and I was already thinking of what to pair it with when I bought it! Looove.

The next thing is this beautiful little Kensie bag. I didn't buy this bag, my friend actually just randomly bought it for me (Thank you if you're reading this! You're the best!) She knows me so well because it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! I'll be using it as my makeup bag so you'll be seeing it again in a future post!

So that was it! I was really pleased with everything that I got and a lot of it for a good price. I was in need of a shopping spree. Just want to throw in a mini disclaimer: I'm not making this to brag, it's just a haul in blog post form. I've never done a post like this so I thought it would be nice to show you.

If you wanted to check out my last outfit post, you can click HERE !

Thanks so much for reading!


05 April 2016

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

Good Morning, Gorgeous!
(If  you're reading this at any other time - Good day/ Good evening/ Good Night, Gorgeous!)

Hope you're doing well. Today I have a small review on my new favorite palette at the moment which is Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette. You guys - I'm OBSESSED with this palette at the moment! It's one of my favorites that I own as of yet.

Every time I open this palette to do my makeup it impresses me more and more. Is there a such thing of a palette making you feel beautiful!? Like I've mentioned in past posts, I'm a sucker for nude shades. It's non-failing!

You can never go wrong with natural shadows. This palette has three different "sections" to it. The daytime section is the top row which consists of three shadows. The brow highlight "Heaven". The lid color "Cashmere Bunny" and the outer corner color "Sexspresso". The classic section consists of "Silk Teddy", "Push-Up" and "Erotica". Fashion is the final section which consists of the shades "Nudie", "Honey Pot" and "Chocolate Martini". Can I just say I love the names of the shadows in this palette. They are so girly and gorgeous.. Cashmere Bunny.. Honey Pot!? I love it. It could just be me though.

I was taking a look around my YouTube subscription box and ended up watching Hannah Joelle's video of her Top 5 Products. I was excited to see that she featured Too Faced Natural Matte palette. It looks like there are a couple of these palettes with a bit of difference to them. Like a series of palette's! Hannah's was obviously an all matte palette (it looks absolutely beautiful and I might just splurge and grab one for myself). What I found interesting when watching her talk about the palette is that the Natural Matte and the Natural Eyes have the same 1st section of shadows! (The shadows of the pictures above) So as you would guess, those are the matte shades in Natural Eyes. If you want to know more about the Natural Matte Palette then check out Hannah's video HERE .

I know what you're thinking, what's the difference between this nude palette and all the others?! Well, I'm glad you asked! What I love about this palette is that you get SOO many different looks from these shades. Not only do you have the different sections with the shades that work well with it, but you can also "mismatch" and try different shades from other sections. You'll have a lot of new looks to try out!

So far, it has been my go-to palette and hasn't disappointed me yet. I would say if you're looking to splurge on a higher end nude make up palette and already have Urban Decay's Naked palettes - this is a must. It is $36 here in the States. I'm not quite sure how it would differ in other countries. If you are in the States and looking to buy this I have Ulta's link to it HERE . Mini Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with Ulta or Too Faced whatsoever. I just really enjoy this palette.

If you have this palette or are looking to get it let me know. If you have other favorite nude palette's I'd love to know about them.

Thanks for reading!