12 January 2015

A Quick Little Thank You


Welcome to my 20th post and my first post of 2015!

I know I haven't made some solid posts in maybe 2 months? I'm really sorry about that. October was a huge month for me with my blog posts and as I wanted to continue that streak I've definitely got caught up in everything else but my blog. I'm hoping for this new year I can come in strong with different blog post ideas, keeping things up beat and new and also adding more outfit and makeup posts. I'm truly looking forward to getting back into the swing of things regarding this blog and keeping up to date with others as well.

Though in the past couple months my posts have been few, I feel like reaching my 20th post is a little bit of a mile stone for me. A mini accomplishment. As for this, I thought instead of writing a review of a product or an outfit I'm loving, I just want to take this time, in this little post to say Thank You!

(Source: Google Images)

I truly appreciate the time you take to read my blog posts (and being patient with coming out with new ones). With a little over 100 followers, the support and lovely comments I've gotten are amazing. I feel like the blogging community is one of the most close knit communities, so positive and encouraging! I'm really glad I took the chance to start this up and join in in the blogging world. I feel like I made some good blogger friends and have read some absolutely amazing posts.

With all this being said, as a Thank You and for me reaching over 100 followers, I would like to do a mini giveaway. I wanted it to be a surprise but my best friend advised me it would be a good idea to include my readers in the type of gift that was going to be sent out. I have a few things in mind but would like your input on one high end sample I'd like to throw in this giveaway. If you would like, please comment what type of high end sample you would be excited to see in it. The giveaway will have it's own post so you'll know all the details of that when it's ready.

So again I say Thanks to my readers and followers and I am looking forward to 20 more posts and the year of 2015!