30 June 2017

Reviews, Trips, Where Have I Been?! I Update

Welcome back, little birdies!

I hope you are all doing wonderful today. I apologize for not being active on my blog, bloglovin' and twitter. I have exciting plans on my plate and I'm trying to get everything in order. With all that, my blog has taken a back seat. I really do miss it and am planning my future posts now.

Where are the reviews?
I have so much to share with you beauty-wise. So many new makeup products that I've been absolutely loving and I can't wait to share them all with you. With that said, I've been looking into Direct Sale makeup that I'm trying out and want to share with you as well - more on that later on.

What's so exciting?
I'm heading off to England this summer! This is my first time vising England (certainly won't be the last) and my first time to Europe in general! I've never really been outside of the U.S. - or even the other side of the country for that matter. I've always stayed on the East Coast of the U.S. and I've traveled to Puerto Rico plenty of times to visit family. I've also been to Canada once when I was very young, around the age of 6 or 7 with my family for maybe a day or two but I don't remember much of that trip. I'm beyond excited to explore the city of London a bit, hang out with one of my BESTEST blogging buddies Katie from K.F. Pestell; who I'm so excited to see so much and stoked to hang out with! I think it'll make me giggle at our height difference at first but I can't wait to have fun! Other than that, I'll be hanging out with my long time close friends I have in England. We'll be going to a festival which I'll talk about and have some pictures with in another blog post when the event is over. I can't express enough just how excited I am and I'll definitely keep you all posted a long with maybe even a vlog with Katie!? :) I;m so excited but I have been trying to prep for this trip for a while and it's coming down to the wire!

Educations and Jobs?
After almost two years of a break due to trying to get myself together, I'm finally getting things ready to get back to my classes. I'm motivated to get my degree and maybe travel abroad for Uni. We'll see! I will be changing my major to English and Communications to hopefully help me grow my blog into more than just a hobbie in the future because it is something I do enjoy. To have the time to do it because it's my profession would be a dream. So I'm looking forward to learning more and growing as a person.

Until then, I somehow started looking into direct sales makeup brands such as Younique. I've always known they were out there like Avon and Mary Kay but I never really paid any mind to it. I've recently started watching videos from a Younique Presenter that is a family member of someone I know. I really liked her videos and started looking into the products. I then had the thought of maybe even doing direct sales myself ever since seeing her video and all the information she gave. After that I started doing a lot of research on the brand and becoming a Presenter and the products and peoples feedback - when I came across a plethora of other bands such as Maelle, Maskcara, Beauty Counter and more! I really enjoy makeup so what better way to earn some extra bucks than to do something you enjoy - playing with makeup!? I'm still doing my research on what brands I like better and I can't do that without trying them out first. I just bought the new 3D Mascara from Younique to see how I feel about that and am planning on buying more from there. I also have some products from Maelle lined up as well even though they're not doing direct sales at the moment. I plan on doing another post all about the brands I'm looking into and the products I buy from them so please stay tuned for that!

With all that said, I feel like I'm getting back to a place where I can start regularly posting like I was doing to get back into the  blogging community. It may be sparce in July due to my trip but that only means that I'll have a lot to talk about when I get back! Hopefully I can put a few posts together before then. Thank you for your patience!