24 April 2017

Keep The Coachella Vibe Going All Summer!

Welcome back, little birdies!

Spring has surely sprung here on the East Coast. One major indicator of that - besides the beautiful weather we've been having - is that it is officially Coachella season. One thing I love seeing from all the Coachella news is the fashion; what people decided to wear to this event. My favorite outfits trends for this massive music festival would have to be that girly boho look. What better way to spice up that look than with jewelry!?

With all that said, I was having a little snoop around the Jewelry section on Etsy. That's when I came across what is now, my favorite jewelry shop on the site. It's a little shop called Ethnicca. Ethnicca focuses on ethnic and bohemian style jewelry - all of which I fell in love with. It took a lot of me to just buy two things instead of buying out the whole shop. I would definitely recommend buying from there if your summer style is boho chic.

I started off with a Suede Bohemian Feather Necklace with the light brown strap as shown in the photo on the store. This has to be my favorite out of all of them. No matter how many different chokers I was looking at, I would always come back to this one. After receiving it, it didn't disappoint me either! It fits just at beautiful as it looks.

The next one I bought is just as gorgeous! This one I feel is a lot more on trend mostly because of the jewel that hangs down from the choker. It's the O Ring Choker. I feel like there are a lot of clothes that this would compliment and could fit anyone's taste. I bought two of these.. one for now and a back up! Haha kidding. I bought one for my blogging bestie, Katie for a swap we're doing. (Katie, if you're reading this before you received your box... forget what you read..)

I'm so excited to wear these and show them off. They're beautiful and definitely staples in my collection. If you want to grab some, I know she's doing a Mother's Day sale that gives you 10% off any purchase. She also has percentages off if you buy 2, 4 or 6 items! What a deal?! Check it out, here.  I recommend taking advantage of those and stocking up for the summer. I know I sure will. She even ships international!

*Disclaimer: I'm not sponsored by the Etsy shop Ethnicca to do this post or give you discounts. I bought it with my own money and am genuinely impressed with the shop that I wanted to share.♡*

Thanks for reading!

09 April 2017

Spring Sephora Makeup Haul

Happy Spring, my little birdies!

I hope everyone is doing just dandy today. I'm back from my little hiatus. Thanks for the patience. Sometimes when you don't have inspiration you just can't force it. I've gathered plenty of inspiration the past month and a half and have been super excited about getting back into it!

The other day I decided to do a little makeup shopping with my friend at Sephora. I originally was just going there to grab a Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea Color Splash Lipstick after watching Kathleen Lights' March Favorites video. I grabbed some more goodies apart from that, that I wanted to share with you!

So as you know, I grabbed one of the Color Splash Lipsticks after watching Kathleen's video. She had mentioned that she mostly loved the colors Pink Lemonade and Beach Babe. After seeing those I knew I had to get them for myself. I'm such a nude lipstick lover .. well.. I'm a lipstick fiend in general but nude shades are my favorite. They are 21 bucks a piece so I decided to just pick up Beach Babe for now. Besides it being the most beautiful nude lipstick I've set my eyes on, the packaging won my heart. It's in a blue packaging with stokes of white and dark blue faded into it. It reminds me of summer time by the pool side or the ocean. It's just gorgeous. With this type of packaging, it'll certainly be in the forefront of my lipstick stash.

(I apologize for the blurriness of most the photos! I took them with my iPhone because I couldn't find the charger to my camera. For some reason, when I put them in, they're blurry and I'm unable to fix it.)

As I was wandering around Sephora I noticed that they had some Huda Beauty lip products. I feel like Huda Beauty is a popular brand but hard to get your hands on here in the States. At least at my Sephora it is. They have a few products of hers but not much at all so I was very excited to have seen them. I decided to grab a liquid matte lipstick in the shade Muse. There were several beautiful colors to choose from but I decided to go with Muse as it's more of a deep mauve shade that's borderline berry and I don't have any like it so far.

As I went to go check out of Sephora I was suckered into those minis that they surround you in as you wait to pay. While looking around I noticed the Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder. Now, I love my Rimmel Stay Matte powder I've been using for years but I've heard such great things about the Kat Von D one I decided to give it a try. It's a loose powder where as the Rimmel is pressed so I'm looking forward to seeing how I do with that. Hopefully won't make too much of a mess - and if I do - I hope it's worth it. ;)

Since April is my birthday month, I was also able to receive my birthday goodies from Sephora. I choose the Tarte mini duo. It has the Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade Paaarty and it also has the Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in the shade Birthday Suit.  They're such beautiful colors and I'm so excited to try them out.

Last but not least, I picked up a MAC Lip Prep and Prime. (From MAC, not Sephora - of course) As much as I love lipsticks, my lips are ALWAYS dry. No matter how much lip balm I put on them, they always have dry spots that lipstick loves to cling on too. This Prep and Prime is supposed to help hydrate the lips while giving the lip colors a good base to stick too. Bonus point for stopping liquid lip colors from feathering out.

So that's all I got on my makeup shopping day out. It's been a while since I went out shopping for makeup so I feel this was long over due. Plus, I decided to splurge a little for an early birthday present to myself.

If you've tried any of these or know of any others like these leave me a comment down below!

I hope you enjoyed!

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