15 June 2016


"Today will never come again. Be a blessing. Be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal, and not wound." - unknown

Good morning, Gorgeous.

I thought it would be a nice little touch to insert a little encouraging quote when I find one. I know it can be pretty cliche but you never how one might take it. There can always be more positivity, so why not.

I have for you today something that excites me and that I knew I wanted to make a blog post about it as soon as I ordered it. It's a Scentsy! For those of you who don't know what a Scentsy is, it's pretty much a wick-less candle. You choose from a variety of warmers that has a bulb inside and a cord to plug in. You can choose from the multiple different scented wax bars. What you do is take some of that bar and place right on top of which ever warmer you would like - eventually the bulb warms up the piece of wax, it melts and it smells of whatever scent you chose. Just like burning a candle, except safer and the warmers are super cute.I don't know too much about it but there isn't a store to get them at. There are actually consultants that you buy from and can even set up parties where the consultant goes to your house and you can have a fun little party with your family and friends - learn all about the scentsy, play some games, have some fun, and buy some stuff!

About a month ago my friend had a Scentsy party at her house. I'm going to be honest and say I've heard of Scentsy in the past and I wasn't curious enough about them to go searching or find out more about it or even purchase it. I don't think I'd ever know how much I like it if I didn't go to this party. (Thanks Cari. Haha) Not only did I have a great time at the party, I learned so much about Scentsy's and thought I'd give it a go and order one.

Now let me say that there's much more to it than what I have said. Such as there's not only warmers of different shapes and sizes and even nightlight warmers, they have diffusers also! But you can find out all about that on their website HERE .

The warmer that I got is a $35 warmer and stands at 6' tall. It's an owl! The order name for it is Hoot which I think is absolutely adorable. I definitely fell in love with this warmer when I saw it and for some reason even though they told me how tall it stands at I figured it's a pretty good size! I actually thought I was going to look a bit smaller. I love this little guy and think he sits perfectly right on top of my shoe cubbie.

I also got 3 scented bars that I can switch for different scents. If you read my A La Maison De Provence Hand cream post, you know that I can't deal with strong scents. I get headaches, dizzy and even nauceous from strong scents - even if they smell good. When it comes down to perfumes, hand creams and even scented bars I need fresh scents that's not to over baring.

The first scented bar I chose was Seashore. In the information booklet they give you, it has this description for Seashore - "A breath of ocean air, dappled with salted grapefruit and sweetened just so by hints of pink ginger, lemon zest and vanilla bean." Needless to say this was the first scent I put in my warmer when I received it!

The next bar I bought was Bamboo Yuzu, it says "Imagine a Japanese garden as you breath in dewy bamboo, tranquil lotus flower and fresh yuzu with hints of sage." Honestly, the description sold it to me even before I smelled the bar! Um Japanese garden!? Yes Please!

The last bar I chose was actually a last minute decision. I saw it sitting on the table just before handing my order in and when I smelled it I knew I had to have one for myself. It was Scentsy's Scent of the Month for May - Rosewood & Freesia. I tried to find this one in the booklet but I couldn't. So it's a good thing I saw it on the table. It's hard for me to describe but it's definitely a beautiful fresh scent and I'm happy I purchased it as my third.

I am super happy that well.. one.. Cari had the party and invited me. Thank you! Two - that I took the plunge and decided to learn more about it and three that I bought my own warmer and wax bars! It's a cute little touch to my room and when it's on, it just fills the room with a beautiful scent.

If you've never heard about Scentsy or invested a little time learning a little bit more about it, I think you should. It definitely a staple in my room in more ways than one and I love it. My little Hoot looks awesome warming up wonderfully scented wax bars.

If you have any Scentsy's let me know which ones and what scents you paired it with!

Thank you once again for reading!
Until next time,