29 January 2017

A - Z of Me

Welcome back, little birdies!

I did a bit of a different post today. As most of you already know the lovely, Peta, from Pe-Ta had created a WhatsApp group of about 19 other bloggers called The Blogging Friends (recently changed to M I E U - Motivate Inspire Empower Uplift) around the start of November. I've become so close with those girls I feel like speaking to them is part of my every day life. One day I think there were blog post ideas being thrown around and Peta had mentioned an A - Z of Me type of post. I've not seen anyone do it so I figured it would be something fun to do on my blog. So credit for this idea goes totally to Peta. I encourage you to do one of yourself as well! It's so nice to learn more of others - even the silly facts!

A - Anxiety
Sorry to start off on a sour note but anxiety is a part of who I am. Anyone that know's me well know how badly I struggle with it from time to time and how serious the matter can be. It's not a great part but it's something that definitely makes me - well.. me.

B - Birds
This may be a bit of a strange one. If you couldn't already tell by the name of this blog.. birds are my favorite animal. To be more specific, Sparrows. I just love the way they are. Cute little things! They're small and hop around instead of walking (waddling?). They kind of remind me of myself! Bubbly, small creatures. Haha :)

C - Christian
If you've read passed posts of mine you will know that I am a Christian. I got saved in September of 2013. Putting my faith in Jesus Christ was the best decision I've made!

D - Dog
For the majority of my life, I've had a little Toy Poodle named Sam. (Toy Poodles are an actual breed of dogs.. I don't mean a fake dog haha!) Fun fact: We named her Samantha because when I was younger my favorite singer was an Irish singer called Samantha Mumba.

E - Education
Education is a huge part of peoples lives including my own. Although I haven't been active in college for the past year, I'm excited to return to my classes this Fall 2017 to continue my journey on graduating and getting a degree for a career I'd love to be in.

F - Fashion
I love fashion as much as the next girl so it's no surprise this would make the list. I love putting outfits together and new trends that are happening. I also love shopping. Definitely love shopping. I went to a trade high school, so I was in Fashion Merchandising a good 3 of 4 years. I did really enjoy it and even searched Fashion Merchandising Colleges after I graduated.

G - Gullible
This is a bit of a tongue in cheek one. Sometimes I can be so guilty of being gullible that when my friends joke around they might have to tell me it's a joke. For example, one of my coworkers had a Dunkin cup and on it had the letters F and U and the number 2. My coworkers joked with me and told me that someone had written something rude on there and I was in shock that someone could be so rude and disrespectful as to put that on someones drink. Well.. once they started laughing at me I figured something was up. Apparently, the F stands for French. The U was actually a V and stood for Vanilla and the number 2 was just indicating 2 shots of it. Insert covering eye monkey emoji here.

H - Hugs
Once again if you know me you know I'm a hugger! I'll go around the room (room full of people I know.. not just strangers haha) and give everyone a hug when I see them and when I'm about to leave. Meaningful hugs are lovely, don't ya think!? As Olaf would say, I love warm hugs!

I - Independence
This is a huge one. One thing I strive to be is an Independent Women. Am I living at home at the moment? Yes. Are my parents amazing and help me out? Yes. But it's my parent's who have taught me to strive to be independent and to make sure I work hard for my own future. I made this reference before but I'd love to be as strong, brave, adventurous and independent as Lara Croft. :)

J - Jay
My name! Jay is short for my actual name that I won't mention haha. It came about in middle school when I made new friends and they wouldn't remember my actual name (it's not that common) so instead they called me Jay.  Only a few of my closest friends now and some coworkers call me Jay.

K - Kitten
This is something that might be surprising. I love kittens and I'll love to pet them especially when they're babies. But I actually get nervous around cats! Haha I saw this show when I was younger and this cat attacked a person and now I'm nervous that they'll just run up to me and attack me haha. I'm more likely to give them a cuddle when they're small though. :)

L - Laughter
Who doesn't love to laugh? One of my many favorite moments in life is when I have a good ol' laugh! Like I mean a bent over, about to create a 6-pack of abs, teary laugh. Those are the absolute best and moments that I tend to remember because of it. What a great thing in life to enjoy time with your friends and family and have a laugh!

M - Mindfulness
This is something I've been trying to do recently. A certain goal of mine this new year. I would like to be more aware of things. The way I am, how I treat myself, what I eat, what I say, how I treat others or how others are feeling. I just want to be more aware of myself and the world around me. I look forward to doing more of that this new year!

N - Nurture
I'm not a mother yet but I'm already a very nurturing person. I always want to help people from any hurt or sadness they're going through. I've feel like I've always been a very caring person.

O - Ocean
Something else that kind of big in my life is that I can't swim! The many times I wanted to be a mermaid would be useless when the mermaid can't swim.. My friends have been trying to teach me and I'm not doing too shabby to be honest! I'm sure I'll get there one day.

P - Princess
Let's all move to Disney World and be princess', yeah?! Who's with me!? While watching the show Once Upon a Time I had the strongest urge to just be a princess for the rest of my life. It was a serious career move thought. Haha

Q - Queen
A fun fact I like to share with people is that I share the same birth day (not the year ;) ) with the Queen of England. I was born on April 21.

R - Romance
I am the biggest hopeless romantic. Although I'm single, I want all the gushy love that you see in those romantic movies. I wear my heart on my sleeve and love hard. That may be why I'm still single haha. I'm picky but only because you have those amazing romance movies and all the Disney princess' who have their prince charmings. I'm sure I'll have my own price one day. In the mean time, I'll have my heart explode confetti watching rom coms!

S - Shortie
This is another silly one but I'm a proud shortie at the grand ol' height of 4'11. Haha. My height is something I was made fun of a lot in school. What people didn't realize is that it never bothered me! I love my height! I think it's super cute and the great fact that I can wear 6 inch heels and be a "normal" girl height haha.

T - Thunderstorms
I love me some thunderstorms! That's honestly one of my favorite things about summer time is all the thunderstorms you get. I love falling asleep to it because I find it so relaxing. On top of that, I really enjoy watching lightening. Is that weird? Last summer we had a lot of dry heat that meant we got those lightening storms - when it's not raining but there are lightening flashes. Those are my favorite. I just really enjoy them.

U - Unconditional
I'm loved and do love others unconditionally! And I can't imagine just how much love I'll have for my own kids!

V - Visual
I'm very much a visual learner. I can't just learn something by hearing it - like lectures, I have to see how it's done and then have to do it myself. :)

W - Wanderlust
I've mentioned this before but I'm itching to start traveling. My mom is a big traveler. She loves to visit places she's never been before and has traveled to Europe quite a few times along with other places. I feel like traveling is in my blood and I'm ready to have it take over! My first trip will be to England! I've wanted to go for yeaarss but I've not been able to until now! I'm so excited. I feel like one day I'll end up living there. Another place I'd love to visit hopefully in the near future is Japan! Dream big!

X - X Ray
I've never broken a bone before which I feel is the most common reason people need x-rays but I did have pancreatitis when I was 8 years old and had to get my appendix removed at 16 years old. Those are pretty grim but I'm sure I needed x-rays for that some how haha.

Y - Youthful
I'm still young! I've got my whole life ahead of me to achieve goals and travel the world and fall in love. I want to live life with adventures that I will one day be able to tell my future grandchildren.

Z - Zoo
How original, I know ;) Trying to think back at it.. I don't think I've ever been to a zoo!? Is that not actually insane. I feel like it's part of life to go at some point in your life. I can't remember if we've gone on a field trip when I was younger but I have no recollection of going to a zoo. Or seeing Zebras. :)

That was quite difficult to do! It's a little hard to think of words per letter especially when it gets down to the end of the alphabet. I did have a lot of fun thinking of words that correspond with my life and hopefully you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me! It's not a tag but I would encourage you to do this as it's fun to do and entertaining to look back on things. If you do this please leave your link in the comments as I'd love to have a read!

Thanks so much for reading!
Until next time,


  1. Such a good post! I may steal this idea 😘

    1. Haha you totally should do it! Leave me a link when you have I'd love to read it! xoxo


  2. I love this! I think I may have to give it a go xx


    1. Thanks! Please do!! Leave a link when you do, I'd love to give it a read! xoxo


  3. I loved reading all of this about you! Made me smile! Ok so I thought that the bird in your blog name was a nod to the British slang for chick LOL. I didn't realize that meant a literal bird but that was cool for me to learn! I get you on being a visual learner/experience learner. I just need to do stuff for myself to know what's up. So many great things on this list...I think it's cool that you have such an open heart. I am kinda the opposite and don't trust so easily so it's nice to know it can work out the other way too haha! Im just realizing that not everyone is out to get me but I think that's a whole other situation lol. Awesome read Jay!
    XX Jen

    1. Bahaha! I freaking love you, Jen! You're too funny!! I've always heard "bird" being used as "chick" in British slang but it hasn't ever crossed my mind until now! That's so funny! Haha I do wear my heart on my sleeve I feel like I'm pretty open. I must like to talk about myself hahah. Thanks for your lovely comment as always! xoxox


  4. I absolutely loved reading this, it was a great way to get to know you more!
    I know you mentioned at the top for us to do this as well, but I hope you don't mind If I do this on my blog as well. It's a such a great fun idea!


    1. Yes, please do!! It was a lot of fun to do and I'd love to learn more about you as well! I can't wait to read yours!
      Thanks for your always lovely comments! xoxo


  5. omg this post is amazing I just love your style :)


  6. Loved reading this and learning about you. We have a lot in common! You're so tiny! haha I wish I was! I am 5'7" ugh!

    1. Haha!! I definitely am! I remember when my doctor broke the news that I wasn't going to grow any taller haha. That's so cool we have things in common. Thank you for your lovely comment! xoxo


  7. Firstly, I have gotta ask, is your full name Janise? Because that's super pretty and not that difficult to remember !
    Secondly... 4'11... I'm 5'9/5'10 I'm going to look like a total giant next to you! I always wanted to be little, I absolutely hate being tall!
    Thirdly.. the zoo. How about, if you still haven't been to the zoo by the time you come to London, we go to London Zoo? You can ever blog about your first exciting trip to the zoo!
    Brilliant read!
    Love Katie xoxo

    1. You're quite the detective, Katie! Haha good one and thank you! :)
      Oh my goodness you've got a good foot on me hahaha! You work that tall-ness, girl! Model material! xoxo
      And YES. The London Zoo with you sounds like a dream!! Definitely going to blog about it because it will be such an amazing day!
      Love you my Katie bear! xoxox