03 January 2017

Cheers to a Good Year!

Happy 2017, little birdies!

As like many other's I am SO glad that it's January. It's just a fresh start and new beginnings. I love fresh starts so I'm ready to take on the year and make it my own. I know everyone makes "resolutions" during this time of year. To be honest, I don't like making resolutions. I don't like feeling as though I'm going to change only for the fad that is the beginning of a new year. I tried last year and went way over my head with the whole "going to the gym" "eat healthy forever" kind of thing. But it was never really personal. This year I'm thinking of myself, growth, and strength. There is so much I'd like to accomplish and I know that it won't all happen this January. Regardless, here is what I'd like to accomplish this 2017:
(This isn't in order of importance. It's just random order.)

Taking Control of My Anxiety
Last year was a pretty low time when it came to my anxiety. It had gotten so bad that I had the worst panic attacks and hyperventilation I've probably ever had. This year, I want to take back control of my life when it comes to my anxiety. I've missed great opportunities due to it and that's not a way I want to live. I strive to be a strong, brave, independent, adventurous woman. Much like Lara Croft ;)
So this year, I'm hoping to take control of this feeling and taking chances and being brave.

With 2017, I would like for it to be the first of many years of travel. My mom is quite the globetrotter and has been to so many different places around the world. I feel like travel is something in my blood that hasn't got it's fix until now. This year I'm planning a trip to my first destination.. England. This has been top of my bucket list for years seeing as not only do I love the culture and history of that country, I have a very special and close friend of mine there that I'll finally be able to see. It's going to be one of those thing's that I'll have to keep occupied with other goals until that time as I'm beyond excited!

One of my goals last year was to start blogging more. That has been successful seeing as last year was my most active year of blogging. I'd love to continue that this year with beating last years number of posts. I've grown SO much the past year when it comes to my blog. I've made unforgettable friends all around the world! To name a few, Katie from Kindest, Katie has become one of my best blogging friends. Along with my Wanderlust, my trip to England, I'm hoping to hang out for a day with that English Beaut! Srna, from A Crush On Life and I have grown quite close as blogging buddies over the past couple of months. Her life is kind of like a fairy tale and I love to listen whenever she has the chance to feed me updates! Also, her blog is #goals! The absolutely lovely Jen from Beauty Life Mom has also found a special place in my blogging buddies heart. One of the sweetest and most genuine lovely people ever. Along with those 3 ladies, I've been in a WhatsApp group called The Blogging Friends which consist of 19 other blogging beauties. They've become a big part of my life and I couldn't be more thankful to have the pleasure of knowing them.

Well that became a little bit of a shout out haha... I'm excited to continue to watch my blog grow, my content get better and to continue to fully enjoy this little space of mine on the internet.

Wholesome living
Now, I know I won't be going to the gym every day, eating super healthy and become a lean mean health machine. I just want to look after myself a bit better. I'm at my ideal weight but I'd love to start trying those easy at home morning workouts to get me started for the day and possibly tone up just a bit. I'd like to start waking up earlier because I've noticed just how productive I am when I get up earlier versus when I sleep in. I feel like having morning workouts will help me with that and have more energy throughout the day to get things done. I'd also like to be more mindful of what I put into my body. I love me some Chinese food, burgers and fries but I've noticed not only in my appearance - some unfortunate tummy rolls.. but I've noticed just how crap I end up feeling after eating junk food. I don't feel well at all which definitely affects the mood. I'd like to take into consideration what I put in my body and would like to eat more that will help nourish it.

As you might know from past posts. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. This year, I'd like to be more involved in my reading, studying, and my church events to hopefully grow closer in my relationship with God. Being a Christian doesn't mean I have everything together. It means I need and lean on Him to help me. This year, I hope my relationship with Him will grow stronger.

I haven't been to classes in over a year! Yikes! With work and trying to figure out what I want to do in life - it's gotten in the way of my studies ironically. I love beauty, fashion, travel and blogging! So I'm hoping to see what with that I can do or if I'd like to continue my blogging later on in life as a career. For autumn this year I would like to go back to my studies to graduate. That's something I'm determined to get done regardless of if I want blogging to be my full time career or not.

That's just some of the main goals I'd like to achieve this year among many. I get so pumped and so refreshed that I strive to make these come true. Even to tick off the little things on my list would be amazing. I'm excited to start this year and making it my own. I'm looking forward to all 2017 has to offer so.. Cheers to a Good Year!!



  1. Such positivity- I love your goals!! I feel the same way about resolutions. Overall I just want to be a better person and continue to grow. I struggle with taking chances and would love to get on that train too! I'm excited for you and your trip to England! Thanks for the shout-out and continue with these awesome posts!
    XX Jen

    1. You are always so sweet!! Thank you always for your kind words! xoxox


  2. I really need to up my goals for 2017. You have so much more ambition for what you want to achieve. I'm glad I came across this as it's inspired me to push myself even more!


  3. I wish you the greatest year of your life so far, jay! So deserved for such a kind soul <3

    All the love