30 August 2016

The Versatile Blogger Award

Welcome back, little birdies!

I have another tag for you today. I love reading these because I love getting to know people more. I always found it interesting learning about others so when the absolutely lovely Lily from Lily Rose tagged me to do this I knew I just had to hurry home and start my facts. The point of this tag is to share 7 facts about yourself and nominate others to do the same. It's a way to support your fellow bloggers and to learn and connect with them a little deeper. What's better than building strong friendships with others who share the same passion!? Let's get started on my 7 facts about me.

1. My favorite shows are The White Queen - mostly because English History fascinates me and partly because I'm in love with Aneurin Barnard. Insert heart eyes emoji here! And Reign.. so juicy! Those are must watch shows!

2. I'm very much an introvert. I keep to myself a lot of the time. I'm very shy and quiet when you first meet me. Once you get to know me, though, I'm very much loud and energetic. I just have to be comfortable with you first.

3. One reason I love the season of summer is to be able to fall asleep during thunderstorms. We had
a week here that was record heat and the thunderstorms we got because of it were lovely! Puts me right to sleep.

4. I change my hair color a lot. You can probably tell by the photos I take for my outfit posts. They're always a different color. Right now I've opted for a plum, and I'm loving it.

5. My favorite type of food is Seafood. All - kinds - of - s e a f o o d. Shrimp being my fav.

6. I love art. I used to sketch all the time and even did a bit of painting. I love my messy sketches more than the crisp cleanness of drawing. I haven't drawn for fun in a really long time and would love to get back into it.

7. I'm not much of a sports person at all. The only sport I like to play and am actually pretty good at is badminton. It's a lot of fun to mess around with with your friends.

And that's it! Those are my 7 facts about me. It's really hard to think of facts about yourself for some odd reason. I encourage you all to check out the blogs of the people I'm going to nominate! They're wonderful people and have just as wonderful blogs so I'm excited to read what they share!

I nominate:

Ashley : Ashley Nicole

Go support your fellow bloggers and give their blogs a read! I'm looking forward to getting to know them a little better! Also, a big thanks again to Lily from Lily Rose for tagging me in this. I always have a great time writing out tags. 

Thank you for reading!
Until next time,

27 August 2016

September Spotlight: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Hello, lovely!

Welcome back! I had an idea - (probably not so original. I'm sure I've seen it done some where at some point just don't remember where) - to spotlight a product I've been loving the month before. I realize it is not yet September but close enough to it to be featured as the Sept. Spotlight - and it sounded better let's be honest. This month I have chosen Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream.

I bought this cream the end of July so I could take it with me on my vacation up at Sebago, Maine. Which by the way, was an amazing relaxing week. Lake activities during the day, and bon fires every night. It was magical. - Anyways, I needed something that was pretty light weight that would cover up my every day redness of my skin but was still breathable. I couldn't have opted for a better product. I've used it as a sheer cover over my skin since.

I have the shade Opal, which I'm sure is the lightest one they have. On their website they claim to have 16 different shades to choose from which is a pretty wide range so everyone will be able to find the shade that works best for them. It is a light to medium coverage cream. I use just one dab over my whole face to give it enough to lightly cover but if you would like more coverage, just add another dab as it is buildable. It also has an SPF of 30 which will help protect your face from the damages of the sun. This has to be a new favorite if you're going for that "no makeup" makeup look which has been my go - to for the summer. It's definitely a must have for your collection even if you're a makeup beginner. This is the perfect "your skin but better" type of product.

I'm really enjoying this product at the moment. Have you tried anything from Bare Minerals? Do you have a product like this that you love? Let me know! I've to try out new things.

Thanks for reading!
Until next time,

18 August 2016

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette

What? Jay has another neutral palette to show you?! What a surprise!.... ;)

You knew another would come soon enough! I received this gem as a birthday gift back in April. It's Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow palette. Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea products have been everywhere and talked about by everyone. I personally feel like it's the most hype I've heard from this brand myself. I've even gifted products from this line to other's. It's needless to say I literally jumped for joy when I opened this beaut.

I'm a sucker for packaging. I probably look at that as a factor almost as much I do the quality of the product. It's definitely a selling tactic. Packaging = sell - sell - sell! I fell for Tarte's blue and purple ombre packaging for this palette just on the outside! It's even more beautiful when you actually open it up. The palette itself is covered in gold, purple, and blue and the back of the palette is like a little (distorted..) mirror. It's chic to say the least. Honestly, out of all the palette's I own - this one has the most beautiful aesthetic.

Opening it up, immediately you notice the good sized mirror inside. This one isn't distorted thankfully - haha. It also contains 8 gorgeous neutral shades with a mix of shimmers and mattes. I'll be frank and say I can't really tell which one's are matte except for the shades Sand and Cove but I'm sure you can figure it out better than I can. This palette has a whole bunch of different shades of browns, a silver / purple and even a true nude. I tend to gravitate more towards Sand, Cove and Reef. But I love to try and discover other color combos also.

It's the perfect size to just chuck in your purse if you're traveling and looks beautiful in your makeup collection if you're not. Super excited I was gifted this. I'm not sure if the collection is limited edition (I really hope it isn't) but if it is - I'd suggest grabbing this palette if you're looking to splurge a bit on a higher end eye shadow palette. Definitely a staple in my collection.

This is not sponsored. Although it was given to me by family as a birthday present. I just truly think it's a great palette. And it's really pretty to look at!

Have you tried this palette yet?
Do you know of any dupes for it?

Until next time,

07 August 2016

The Shoppes At Farmington Valley Blogger Event July 29th, 2016

Hello, lovely!

On the 29th of July I was invited by Kat from A Little Bird Told Me, to a Blogger Event down at The Shoppes At Farmington Valley in Canton, CT.  I was super excited to go seeing as it was my first event and I was ready to meet other inspirational bloggers! I was accompanied by my best friend Mia from Confidently Curly. We both got together after work and got ready for this wonderful event.

Our meeting place was at Feng, Asian Bistro. We got together to meet other bloggers and thanks to Kat, Diane, Jordanna and the great chef at Feng we were able to try a multitude of delicious hors d'oeuvres and drinks. The creativity and the unique taste of everything they brought out absolutely blew me away. It was my first time at Feng and I can honestly say I'll be going back again to have the delicious appetizers that we had and even venture out to see what else I can fall in love with on their menu!

I'm so thankful for the goodie bag and deals other shops allowed for us as well. We first went into Loft. They had a cute little snacks table ready for us as well as discounts on their amazing items! I don't feel as you can go wrong with the clothes in their store. They have a verity of different items such as cute and casual or more spunky and dressed up. I also appreciated their "Petites" sections as it can be a bit hard finding well fitting clothing items at the grand height of 4'11 ;)  Here are some photos of the amazing clothing at Loft.

(Permission was granted to photograph in the store)

Next shop was J.Crew. I fell in love with this store the second I walked in. Their style of clothing is right up my street and they even had different articles of clothing already put together on mannequins that were perfect combos! I eye'd down this maroon blouse and pleated skirt combo the entire time I was there. Great outfit ideas for summer styles.

(Permission was granted to photograph in the store)

The next store we went into was Simply Mac. Simply Mac is an Apple Specialist store who kindly gave us a tutorial on the iPad, useful information and even added in an awesome Pocket Power USB Charger in our goodie bag! It was great to look into the desk tops, phones and accessories they had available there. Definitely making me excited to one day buy a Apple Desktop!

Lastly, we went into a quaint little shop called O'Live A Little. O'Live A Little is a specialty gourmet shop that sells the finest olive oils, and vinegars as well as specialty cheese, pastas olives and an array of other things! Along with the other shops, we were greeted so kindly by the staff in this shop in Canton. They informed us of what they had in the shops, the local owners and even gave us a sample of their delicious desserts! They so kindly put together their own goodie bag filled with their best items. This included Lemon Parsley Malfadine Pasta (I'm truly excited to get this one cookin'!), G.F Lemon Basil, Pineapple Balsamic Vinegar,Scallion Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Traditional White Balsamic Vinegar, Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar, Basil Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a yummy Beemster Premium Dutch Cheese in Extra Aged Hard and Robust cheese! Along with all that, O'Live A Little also provided us with a 10 Favorite Recipes booklet and even a cookie for the road. (Mmmmm.) Mia and I did buy a little extra and grabbed some different flavor jerkies and fresh corn that pops into popcorn.

Overall this event was absolutely wonderful from the kind people who put it all together, to Feng restuarant's delicious food and drinks, all the way down to amazing shops and building new friendships. The Shoppes at Farmington Valley generously gifted us a Shoppes At Farmington Valley reusable tote bag, a brochure (something I will keep close with me seeing as I will be back again!), a Shoppes lip balm - got to keep that pout mousturized ;) , a wonderful $25 gift card to The Shoppes, as well as additional goodies such as samples from Sephora - stoked to try them out and fall in love with new products, a first time offer as well as a Murad sample from Massage Envy as well as a free enhanced therapy for one of three of our choosing to the Spa, a discount coupon to Clarks, a Snip - Its Kids Haircut certificate - this one will be going to my nephew, an informational magazine of Muscle and Performance from the Vitamin Shoppe as well as an in store coupon, and  free class card to Barre 3.

I was overwhelmed with just how great this event was. Once again, Thank you to Kat, Diane and Jordanna for this amazing experience. Setting it all up, it came together beautifully and the food was delicious. Thanks to The Shoppes at Farmington Valley for hosting. As well as thanks to Loft, J.Crew, Simply Mac and O'Live A Little for the generous freebies and discounts. Click their links to check out their sites! I'm looking forward to trying out all this stuff and for the next adventure!

For this event, I wore a dark maroon jacket from Macy's over a black basic tank from Old Navy. I'm also wearing this skirt/short that I got from Forever 21 and these gladiator sandals from Shop Hopes!

*Disclaimer: The contents in the goodie bag were generously given to us as freebies along with the contents in the O'Live A Little Bag. It was Sponsored kindly by J.Crew, Loft, O'Live a Little, and Simply Mac.

Thank you so much for reading!