27 August 2016

September Spotlight: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Hello, lovely!

Welcome back! I had an idea - (probably not so original. I'm sure I've seen it done some where at some point just don't remember where) - to spotlight a product I've been loving the month before. I realize it is not yet September but close enough to it to be featured as the Sept. Spotlight - and it sounded better let's be honest. This month I have chosen Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream.

I bought this cream the end of July so I could take it with me on my vacation up at Sebago, Maine. Which by the way, was an amazing relaxing week. Lake activities during the day, and bon fires every night. It was magical. - Anyways, I needed something that was pretty light weight that would cover up my every day redness of my skin but was still breathable. I couldn't have opted for a better product. I've used it as a sheer cover over my skin since.

I have the shade Opal, which I'm sure is the lightest one they have. On their website they claim to have 16 different shades to choose from which is a pretty wide range so everyone will be able to find the shade that works best for them. It is a light to medium coverage cream. I use just one dab over my whole face to give it enough to lightly cover but if you would like more coverage, just add another dab as it is buildable. It also has an SPF of 30 which will help protect your face from the damages of the sun. This has to be a new favorite if you're going for that "no makeup" makeup look which has been my go - to for the summer. It's definitely a must have for your collection even if you're a makeup beginner. This is the perfect "your skin but better" type of product.

I'm really enjoying this product at the moment. Have you tried anything from Bare Minerals? Do you have a product like this that you love? Let me know! I've to try out new things.

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