09 October 2014

Leibster Award Nomination

Hello again!

So today I have a bit of a different post. I've been seeing lately a whole bunch of bloggers write posts on the Leibster award nominations. I did a little bit of research to understand what exactly it was and I thought it was a pretty cool idea. The lovely Lauren from LongingForACity nominated me, which was really sweet of her! You can go check out her post on this award here .

Let's get right into the rules (Which I did grab from Laurens post)!

  • Get nominated
  • Link back the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you
  • Create 11 new questions for the people you choose to nominate (Optional - you can keep the questions the same if you wish)
  • Nominate 5 - 20 people for the award
The Questions

1. What are your favourite public figures? (Bloggers, YouTube, Celebrities)
My favorite public figures would be those who are genuine and kind hearted. There's something about those types of people that's absolutely lovely. One of my favorite public figures I would say would be Nicole Guerriero (YouTube Beauty Vlogger), even though I've never met her she seems like a honest and caring type of person.

2. How long have you been blogging for?
I had a "blog" years ago that wasn't very blog like. Haha. It didn't have much content at all and wasn't well thought out. I wouldn't count that one at all. As for my blog now, it hasn't been long at all. I put my first post up in May, so a few months really. I've really been loving it!

3. Where do you want to go with your blog? (professional or just a diary)
Well I have this blog now just as a hobby. Something I'm really enjoying. If later down the line it becomes professional I would think that would be just as amazing. For now, I'm loving it being my outlet and getting to know the blogging community.

4. What tags or awards have you ever been nominated for?
As far as the blogging world, just this one! Haha.
If you're asking in general, then I did get an award for Best Construction for my prom dress in my last year of high school. (I was in fashion and we made our own prom dresses.)

5.  One piece of advice for your 12 year old self.
Just to have a bit more self confidence. Don't take the negative things to heart and find things about yourself you love.

6. Favourite event ever attended?
I don't think I've ever attended a huge event. I have been to youth rallys with my church which I absolutely loved! Also, my cousins wedding was really nice. Do those count? haha

7. Favourite time of the year?
I have two answers for this. My first would be spring because by that time I'm tired of the cold weather and I just want to wear shorts. Also, my birthday is in the spring time. My second would be autumn because the weather is feeling really nice, I love when the leaves change color, and the fashion for this time of year is one of my favorites.

8. Link the blog post you're most proud of.
I don't have many posts up but my favorite so far would have to be my most recent. I love me some outfit posts and this was by far my favorite with the help of my friend Mia who took the photos.
The blog post I'm most proud of thus far.

9. Three facts about yourself.
  1. My favorite animal is a Sparrow Bird.
  2. I get mistaken for a 16 year old.. I'm 21 haha
  3. I love thunderstorms, especially when it's night and I'm getting ready to go to bed.
10. Something you're looking forward to.
Is it cheesey to say I'm looking forward to revamping my room to make it all cozy so I can relax and blog during those cold months? I am looking forward to it!

11. Do you collect anything?
I do! I actually like to save up my movie tickets for when I go to the cinema. I just like to look back and see what movie I saw and when. It's just a little fun thing to do.

Well those were the questions! Thanks again to Lauren for the nomination and the questions!
I do believe this is passed around to bloggers with fewer followers? (I'm not quite sure) I just picked a few of my favorite blogs (numbers not in mind)  in hopes maybe they would enjoy it too!

My Nominations:
  1. Mia's Beauty Addiction
  2. LouJay
  3. Beauty, Bit's 'n' Blog's
  4. Lovestruck for Louboutins
  5. The British Girl

Questions to answer (I did grab a few questions from different sources)

  1. Do you have a signature scent? (Fragrances you always go back too?)
  2. If you were to visit anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would it be?
  3. Story behind your blog name?
  4. Three must have beauty products?
  5. If you were to eat only one type of food for a year, which would it be?
  6. If you could open up your own shop, what would the name be?
  7. Favorite thing to do on your down time?
  8. One high end brand you would splurge on?
  9. One book you wouldn't get tired of reading?
  10. Goals for your blog?
  11. Name a talent of yours.

Thanks for reading!



  1. aw i love leibster awards its such a nice way to get to know more about bloggers! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/10/cosmo-blog-awards-part-two-event.html xx

    1. Yeah, it's a great idea. :)
      Thanks for the comment, I'll be checking out your post!

      Jay xx