04 October 2018

Perfect Autumn Night

Welcome back to the fourth day of Blogtober!

So, I failed the task already as I missed day two and three of Blogtober. But hoping to just keep moving on and continue on strong for the rest of the month.

With that said, today I just wanted to share my perfect Autumn Night In! Now, I know everyone has their own definition of their "perfect night in", but this is just what I love and makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. 

I'm going to start with freshly washed warm fluffy blankets. I seem to somehow collect small warm blankets and Autumn is the best time to bust them out.

I'm not much of a candle person but I love the look of them at night so I've recently busted out the "Dashing Through The Snow" by Bath and Body Works.

When the room is nicely lit with warm lights from the candles and fairy lights, and I'm starting to make a comfy fort with the fluffy blankets, it's time to prepare Netflix for the perfect show. What I love to watch during this time of year is rewatching Stanger Things and Riverdale. What are some of your favorite shows to watch during the Autumn season?

When I have everything all set is when I'll grab some comfort food. I don't know about you, but if I'm going to watch Netflix when I eat, I need it to all be ready before my food is finished.

Something I really want to get into this season is different soups I can prepare in the Crockpot. Soups have to be one of the biggest comfort foods I think of when I think of Autumn. If and when the soups are done, make some hot cocoa to help keep you warm during night.

After all that, I nestle up in my fort of comfortable blankets, relax and enjoy my cozy time in during the chill early nights.

Typing this out made me curious about what you guys do that makes it a perfect Autumn night in for you? Do you scrap the movies and play board games instead? Would you rather be outside for a bonfire? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed Blogtober Day Four!


Mini disclaimer: I haven't had a proper blogging camera in a while and my iPhone isn't doing it. I'm hoping to purchase one soon but for now, my photos are free stock photos from the site StockSnap. Any photos in this blog post is from that site. I'll update you when I've purchased my new camera.


  1. Bahah, I'm proud of you for even attempting Blogtober because I would fail so miserably! I love fluffy blankets! :)

    S .x http://samsramblings91.blogspot.com/

    1. Haha thanks love! It's super daunting but I'll try my best. And yes I do too! So soft xx