01 October 2018

Fall Tag // 2018

Happy First Day of Blogtober!
Of all the on and off years I've been blogging, this is the first time I'm trying to attempt blogtober. I don't quite know what sparked my ambitious attempt but I'll just go along with it and see how it pans out.

I've decided to kick it off with non-other than a Fall Tag. This tag was created by the lovely Ell, from ELLDUCLOS. She's a successful entrepreneur blogger with a lot of great and helpful tips to other bloggers. I'd highly recommend checking her out.

All you have to do in terms of rules is:
Shout out the person who tagged you by linking their blog
Answer the questions provided
And tag 5 others you want to see answer these questions as well!

Easy peasy. Let's get into the tag!

1. What is one candle you MUST light every fall?
I'll be honest and say I'm not the biggest candle person! Ironically, I have a candle on right now from my Katie (KFPestell) in the scent "Sea salt & lavender". It's helping me wind down for the night.
2. When you think of fall, what does it remind you of?
Being cozy. One of my favorite times of the year when I love to bust out the fuzzy socks, fairy lights and cozy blankets.
3. What is your all time favorite fall/Halloween movie?
Hocus Pocus. Can you do Autumn time without it? Classic!
4. What Halloween costume do you have in mind?
I'm waaay too old to go trick or treating. I have work and class on Halloween so I might just wear cat ears or some crazy makeup. If I'm invited to a Halloween party last minute, I'm certainly not ready.
5. What is your favorite fall trend?
Over sized sweaters / jumpers. My favorite one at the moment is a mustard one from Primark. Better believe I'm going to grab more. Also, layering. I love that you can still wear skirts as long as you wear tights and chunky heeled boots. It's a look ;)
6. When you think of fall, what drink comes to mind?
Pumpkin Spice, duuuh. Haha funny enough I don't like pumpkin spice. I'll stick to my apple ciders or hot cocoa with whip cream.
7. What is your go to fall beauty product? A must have staple!
Berry lips. I love me some berry lips. I wish it was a bit more acceptable to wear them in the middle of summer.
8. Do you prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie?
Apple pie all the way. And apple fritters. Yuummm.
9. Do you have any fall traditions? If so tell us all about it!
Unfortunately, I don't have any fall traditions. I wish it was something like apple or pumpkin picking. Maybe I should start this year and create a tradition.
10. The moment of truth, is fall your favorite season?
Ooooo, I feel like I got caught out. It's actually my second favorite season. Spring is my favorite because I love when it starts to get warm after the many months of absolute cold. But Autumn is a very close second. I'm very excited that we've entered this season.

I tag:
Alys George
Sincerely Angiejj
Elena Isabelle
Hello Bexa

Hope you all enjoyed and got to see the little things I love about Autumn. I'm excited to see what others have to say about their favorite things of Autumn so let me know if you did this post as well!

Enjoy those airy nights!


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  1. You're so basic haha but hey, high five for spring being your favorite season, mine too :D
    is it bad that I have no interest in ever watching Hocus Pocus? haha

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram