04 May 2015

Blog Relaunch!


It's been a while! After almost a three month hiatus and no inspiration to write any posts, I decided to give my blog a new look and a new name! A relaunch if you will. I feel this truly makes my little space here an established blog. Somewhere that's mine, that represents me and what I would like to share. The thought of it really excites me and I hope it does the same for my readers!

Name Game?

So as you may have noticed, I changed my blog's old cringe-y name to a fresh and exciting new name! Wahoo! If you read my posts before you would have already known that my blog used to be called "Jayxoxox".  Not the most creative name on the planet, I know. It is now called, "Blissful Beauty Bird". Let's face it, we knew that the word "beauty" was going to pop up in part of the name because that's what I write about most. (If you want to see daily makeup routine's or a beauty haul then this is the right place for you!) The other two don't have deep meanings except for the fact that I wanted all the word's to have the same letter. "B" was the winner! And a fun little fact is that bird's are my favorite animals so I thought it would be fitting to add that, and "Blissful" because.. well I feel like I'm just a naturally happy person. So, thus it became Blissful Beauty Bird!

Scheduled Posts?

I never developed a schedule when I posted regularly, but mentally I actually kind of did. I liked to post 1 - 2 times a week at most and on certain days. I'm not sure if I have a schedule to help me stay on track with my posts, or just bust them out as I finish them. If you have suggestions about it, that would be great!

What to expect.

You can expect more posts about makeup I've recently purchased and outfit's that I just have to show you. I would also love to throw a few occasional "Get to know me better" posts and maybe some DIY's! I look forward to watching this blog continue to grow and to see what things I can come up with next.

Well there it is! My new and exciting Blog Relaunch! I feel really inspired to start writing some new posts so hopefully those will be coming to you soon. As I've said from the beginning I welcome recommendations, suggestions and helpful critiques!

I really hope you enjoy what you see and read as this blog continues to move forward!


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