27 February 2015

Top 5 Pinterest Pins: Beauty

A few months late, but I'm back with my next Top 5 Pinterest Pins for a new category: Beauty! This was supposed to be a three part series on my favorite pins for three weeks but instead it took about three months to make my new one (Whoops!). If it's been too long, you can check out my last post on my first Top 5 HERE.

#1. This first pin has to be one of my absolute favorite makeup pins ever. To be quite honest, it just reminds me of a summer day. Bronze, awesome lashes and sand everywhere. (I'm sure it's glitter but the thought that it could be sand just made it that much more summer-y. Not that anyone would like to have sand in their eyes but you get the point.) This  pin is certainly worthy of my #1 pin for this category. Enjoy.

(Source: Make Up )

#2. Grecian Headbands. These beautiful headbands will definitely never get old for me. I think they're the most gorgeous accessories you can wear in your hair. With any hairstyle, just pop one of these on for that Greek goddess look.

(Source: Headband )

#3. Braids. More specifically, braided headbands or crowns. This is the kind of effortless hairstyle that gives the appearance that you spent quite some time on your hair. It will surely be my go - to look when my hair gets longer.

(Source: Braids )

#4. Smokey Eyes. Got to love a good beautiful and edgy smokey eye. Enough said.

(Source: Smokey Eyes )

#5. Nude lips. Now if you know me, you know I love me a good nude lip. I think that's mostly in my make up stash so it of course had to be in my top 5. Classic.

(Source: Nude Lips )

Hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Pinterest Pins for Beauty! I'm sorry it took so long to be posted. Let me know what your favorite Pinterest Pins are. New (and maybe last) installment of my Top 5 will be posted next week.

Thanks for reading!


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