11 January 2016

New Year, New You

Happy 2016 everyone!

I know for the past almost 2 years, I've been off and on with my blogging which isn't convenient at all and I truly apologize about. I can sit here and list excuses but I won't do that. ;) Instead, I can tell you all about how I am setting goals for myself for this new year. I really enjoy New Years because I feel like it's a clean slate. You're starting off fresh and to me personally that thought is just really motivating. I know it's a cliche to insist on "New Year, New You" type of deal as I know I'm going to have the same habits that I've had the past year. What's really been driving me this new year is the thought of my personal achievable goals. What I mean by that is, I know myself and I know if I set the goal of working out and clean eating all year, I'm setting myself up to fail. I'm not big on working out (which I know is a habit I need to change but I'm sure I'll slowly get used too.) and let's be honest I'm not the best "clean eater"; I like my chinese food, and my fries, and my pizza. Although I can work on bettering myself and how I take care of myself, I know I won't be hitting the gym all week. The goals I'm setting myself this new year are a bunch of small things to better improve myself and my habits and even get used to making new habits.

I'd like to share a few of these personal goals that I'm setting for myself for 2016.

  1. Blogging
I've made it a personal goal of mine to do better with my blogging. Even if it's a small post I want to be able to gather more content for my blog and also just get used to setting up times throughout my week to devote to blogging.

    2. Night Routines

We've all had those nights where you got home late, either from work or running errands or even hanging out with friends, and have not taken off your makeup, washed your face, or brushed your teeth before bed (Yikes!). I've done that more times then I'd like to admit. I've made it a goal to do night routines every night before bed. I have a new skin care regime that I'd like to stick too, it seems to be working so far. Hopefully that will be something I'll be working on for a post pretty soon.

    3. Budget Planning

I've been super excited about budget planning recently. Although it doesn't sound fun, it's pretty rewarding. I know there's quite a few app's out there for your phone that can budget for you, but there's just something about writing it all out. Or maybe that's just me? I went on Etsy (my obsession with Etsy lately has been unreal) and I bought a decorative budget planner and it came with all the stops. It was less than $10 bucks and all I had to do was print them out after buying it. I've also been reading some awesome blogs that have a lot of great posts about budgeting. One of them being The Budget Mama. She has great content, I would recommend a read!

     4. Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I'm a pretty shy person when you first meet me. Once I'm comfortable with someone I'll start to break out of my shell a bit. I feel like one thing about me is I never let loose too much because I'm afraid of what people might think. It's stupid but it's true. That's something I'd like to change this year, to let loose and have as much fun and try new experiences as much as I can. To step out of my comfort zone.

That's all my goals thus far. We have a whole year to add on more amazing goals to look back on by the end of the year. Hopefully by the end of this year I can do a goals update and let you know how I did on these. I'll also keep you updated if more have been added and if I did well on those.

Happy New Year :)


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