28 May 2016

The Beauty Blogger Tag

Hello lovely!

I'm here today with a tag! Now, I know the point of tags are.. well.. to be tagged to do them. I saw Leya from Leluroxx got tagged in this and although I wasn't tagged, I sent her over a little tweet on twitter asking if I would be able to do the tag and use the questions she asked. And because that girl is a lovely peach she said yes. ;) Thank you Leya!

I'm familiar with the Liebster Award tags that go around, I have a couple up on my blog if you would like to check those out after. I've never heard of this tag and well.. it's always fun to try new things! I'm taking the rules right off of Leya's post.


Tag the blogger who nominated you
Answer the questions you were given
Nominate 3 beauty/fashion/lifestyle bloggers
Ask them 10 original questions
Let the people who you've tagged know

Simple enough! Let's get into the questions she asked.

1. How has blogging had a positive effect on you?
Blogging has had a HUGE positive impact in my life. From being able to share things that I enjoy with lovely readers, to making amazing blogging friends, to having my own blogging mentor (That's exciting! Thank You Julie! You can find her here at happystronghome.com). All the way to being invited to my first blogger meet up! It's all so wonderful and I'm just so happy to have made that leap!

2. What is your go to makeup product?
This is a hard one because I don't just have one go to product. Concealer - my favorite being Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. I always go back to it! Gel liner - Maybelline's Eyestudio is my go to now for years! Love it! And lastly mascara - I've been using Maybelline the Mega Plush Volum Express. So far so good! Just by writing this out I noticed I really like Maybelline! Haha.

3. If you can recommend the best lipstick ever what would it be?
My go to would be the Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks -Mine is in Naked Dolly -and I love to pair that with Kiko's chubby stick. I love me some pinky nudes. Definitely restocking.

4. Do you have a skincare routine? If so, what are your steps?
Well funny you should ask! I have a blog post up all about my updated skincare routine. Unfortunately, my laptop doesn't want to link to this post.. so just have a little search through my blog and you'll find it. :)

5. If you had to choose either eyelashes or eyebrows to live without which would you choose?
I would have to say eyebrows! With all the great tools we have now to just fill them in I feel like it wouldn't be as dramatic as eyelashes. At this point I would just have to learn how to do my own.

6. What is your biggest beauty hangup?
I'm going to be honest, I have NO idea what this question is asking me? Haha Sorry! Is it like.. biggest beauty blunder? Something beauty related you're not good at? If so, it would have to be blush! Isn't that so weird? It's so easy for pretty much everyone but I can't seem to get it right! If you have some tips let me know!

7. Do you have a special makeup tip that you use without fail? If so, what it is?
I'm really not going to call it a makeup tip. It's just something that helps me. For my gel liner, instead of using an angled brush I actually use the small tapperd like brush that Maybelline includes when buying the Eyestudio gel liner. It actually make my liner much more sharp than when I use an angled brush. Not a tip, just my secret weapon.

8. What three products would you never buy again?
This is a tough one. I actually don't have any in my collection right now that I would say I would never purchase again. Probably because I've gotten rid of any that I feel didn't work for me.

9. What is your signature makeup look?
My signature makeup look consists of neutral shadows, winged liner and nude lips. Never fails.

10. If you could pick a celebrity that projects your look / style who would it be and why?
I absolutely love this question! It's fun to think about really. I honestly feel like it would have to be Cheryl Cole. Besides being absolutely gorgeous I find myself always seeing what she's wearing next. I don't know how to describe it but I would love to have her wardrobe!

That's all the questions answered! Thank you Leya for allowing me to use your questions. I really enjoyed this tag!

My 3 Nominations are:

Mia @ ConfidentlyCurly.com

Katie @ MissKatieF.blogspot.com

Chrissy @ BeautyBitsnBlogs.co.uk

Elle @ GirlTalkWithElle94.blogspot.com

(Yeah, I chose 4.. I'm a rebel) ;)

My questions to you:

1. Would you rather have your makeup completely perfect and bad hair day or your hair comes out perfect each time but your makeup comes out terrible?

2. What do you procrastinate most on? (Beauty or non-beauty)

3. Favorite Summer Nail Polish?

4. Do you plan ahead when getting ready or is it a last minute rush?

5. Beauty regiman that you rarely do?

6. When applying makeup, do you do your eyes first? Or your face?

7. Favorite healthy meal?

8. How would you describe your style?

9. What's your skin type and what products work best for you?

10. Name 3 memorable Blogging experiences you've had.

I can't wait to see what you ladies put for your answers! This was a pretty fun tag to do and I did enjoy answering the questions! If you would like to do this tag also and weren't personally tagged.. go for it! I'd love to read what your answers are. Thanks again to Leya at Leluroxx. Go and check out her post on this tag.

Thank so much for reading.
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  1. Thanks for the shout out, girl! It's been exciting and refreshing for me to watch you grow as a blogger! Keep up the awesome!

  2. I love this tag! x

    Kiera | beautydeprived.blogspot.com