02 May 2016

A La Maison de Provence Hand Cream

Hello There!

So I quickly wanted to come on here to talk about a little hidden gem I found that I thought I would share with you. My hands tend to get really dry (especially in the winter) and I've gone through quite a few hand creams throughout the years. I don't know about you but I've never found the perfect hand cream. They're either really greasy and you have to air dry your hands to make it go away - you know what I'm talking about, the flopping your hands in air whether to let nail polish dry or to dry your hands from greasy hand creams, let's be real we've all done it. ;) Or have you had that experience with your hand cream where it's kind of like water? Where it'll evaporate and it didn't really hydrate your skin? On top of those concerns I CANNOT have one that's strong scented. I tend to get headaches, light headed and even nauseous when they're strong scented. Your hands go near your face and nose so often that I need to make sure of the fragrance before ever putting a scented hand cream on. I once put one on that was "cupcake" scented.. I had to scrub that off my hands after a while because it got that bad.

Any who, I know you'd probably want me to stop blabbing about my past bad experiences I've had and tell you all about this liquid gold... I present to you A La Maison de Provence Hand Cream!

 I actually got it as a mini birthday present. My first impression of it was that it looked super cute but I figured it would be like all the others that I've tried. A couple days later I decided to put some on and I fell in love! One thing I noticed right away was that it absorbed into your skin and didn't leave it with that greasy feeling. Second thing I noticed, it actually moisturized my hands. The third thing, it was very light scented. Pretty fresh and relaxing scent.

I got the Coconut Creme which has the moisturizing shea butter and argan oil in it. I read the back and it's such a wholesome cream. It states that it's 100% vegetable based, it's ultra moisturizing, it doesn't contain SLS, Parabens or Pthalates, it's cruelty free and biodegradable.

A La Maison de Provence is a shop that uses "Traditional French Formula's". They have a shop in Huntington, New York or you can easily buy their products online on Amazon. Not only does this brand have hand creams but they also carry body lotions, soups and shower gel's. (I did my research haha.) I might just go off and buy a body lotion from them and watch it work wonders for my skin.

I'm not sponsored or affiliated with this brand but I was too excited about it that I had to share with you. It's definitely a staple of mine and something I'll purchase once this tube is done. So if you're like me and struggle with finding the perfect hand cream, I would advise giving this one a try. It sure hasn't disappointed me.

Let me know what's your favorite brand and type of hand cream. Do you struggle with strong fragrances also?

Thanks so much for reading.



  1. Brilliant post! My hand get suuuuper dry and I really suffer with it! This is going to go on the 'next payday purchase list!' A decent hand cream is so important, so please you've found your match made in heaven!
    Fab post Jay!
    ~Katie xo

    1. Haha it's worth a shot and doesn't cost much. Thanks so much for your lovely words Katie!