04 September 2014

Naked Skin Review

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Hello again,

Today I'd like to give a little quick review on a new foundation I bought. Before I begin I'd like to start by saying I've been wearing makeup for several years now. I'm no make up artist by any means but I do know the basics, I know what works well with my skin and have a lot of fun trying out and finding new products. Throughout the years I've noticed that I've only had drugstore foundations. Obviously nothing wrong with drugstore foundations, they work just as well as the high end but just a lot cheaper (They're my favorite). Recently, I was thinking about how a high end product would look and feel on my skin. I went to ulta a couple weeks ago and had a wonderful lady help me pick out a high end foundation. She recommended Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation. She swatched it on my face and I fell in love with how soft and weightless the foundation was.

First impressions, the bottle was absolutely beautiful. Very sleek and certainly looks high end. It comes with a pump and 1 fl. oz. of product. When I pumped it onto my hand I noticed that this foundation is very thin. I have redness on my face and a few breakouts so I quite like medium to full coverage. The Naked Skin has light to medium coverage with one application but I like a half pump more to really cover up redness and imperfections. One thing that I'm not crazy about with this foundation is that it has a certain smell to it right out of the bottle. I'm sensitive to scents and can easily gain a headache from smelling something too strong. I'm not crazy for the smell but the plus is that you don't smell it once you've applied it to your face.

Another tip for this certain foundation is that if you don't use a really good moisturizer, it clings to dry patches. I used this a couple times with a normal body lotion and it clung on to every dry patch I had. My friend had given me a really good facial moisturizer from Avon that works wonders for dry skin. That is the type of moisturizer to use with this foundation. Once she applied the foundation after using that, the foundation looked flawless. (And it lasted all night! Yippee!)

The Urban Decay Naked Skin is weightless and once its on your face, you don't feel like you're wearing foundation. I'm really enjoying it. It was about 40 bucks so I may use it a lot less than drugstore foundations but overall I'm glad I purchased it! So, what's your favorite high end foundation?

Thanks for reading!


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