24 May 2014

Kohl's Crazy

When I get dressed to go out, whether it be to class, or to church, or just out with some friends, I'm pretty sure I feel like a walking Kohl's advertisement. Kohl's has to be my top favorite store to shop at. From clothes to kitchen ware, I can usually find what I need there. The majority of my clothing items are from Kohl's. I've recently got this new outfit from there which I love. It came from a collection there called Peter Som by DesigNation. The pieces were together in a rack with others from this collection.

 One thing that I really wanted was these sort of loose pants that have a stretch band at the hips, and also have those stretch bands at the end of the pants around the ankles. These are the perfect pair! Its a light and comfortable, silk fabric with a print of pineapples on them. So cute! This collection also came with a matching tank top with a huge pineapple on the front, but I didn't end up buying the matching top. I paired the pants with this white motorcycle jacket which is now probably my favorite jacket that I own. It's actually quite heavy. You know, when you can tell its good material. This jacket has gold detail, such as the buttons up top, and the zipper. This jacket has that unique "motorcycle" quality to it by the way it zippers up. Instead  of zippering up at the middle, like other jackets do, this one has the zipper more on the body of the jacket rather than the middle. Absolutely love this jacket. I try and pair it with anything I can!

Most of what I'm wearing here is the DesigNation collection for the exception of the under shirt which I got at Old Navy for about 5 bucks (that was a great deal, they're great quality. I bought three of them). What I'm wearing on my feet are slingback wedge sandals from the brand Apt. 9, which is not part of the DesigNation but I did get them at Kohl's. The necklace that I have on here I've been eyeing for months before I actually got it. It's a silver/grey braid necklace also from the brand Apt. 9. Beautiful! This necklace can dress up any outfit. Without it, it's a lot more toned down and laid back. On my wrist I'm wearing a rose gold watch from Relic. This watch has a beautiful rim of jewels. It also shows what day it is out of the week right on it too.

Over all, I love this outfit. It is definitely an outfit that stands out so I really pick my days to wear it. I looked up these items on the Kohl's website and just followed pricing original and sales price from what was on there. I don't remember what I actually paid for them. Hope this helps!

White Motorcycle Jacket from Kohl's - Original Price $78 - Sale Price $46.80
Pineapple Soft Pants from Kohl's - Original Price $50 - Sale Price $30
Tank Top from Old Navy - $5
Slingback Wedge Sandals from Kohl's - Original Price $54.99 - Sales Price $28.99
Silver/Grey Braid Necklace from Kohl's (I can't find this exact one on the website but the same style but in different colors the pricing is) - Original Price $28 - Sales Price $19.60
Rose Gold Relic Watch from Kohl's (I purchased this item a while ago, I don't remember the original price but I got a really good deal on it.)

This is one of many outfits I own from Kohl's! I will certainly be posting more of my favorite outfits! Let me know what your favorite store is.

Thanks for reading!