05 May 2014

Beauty Surprises

I don't know about you, but I just love when beauty products take me by surprise. When a lipstick you bought looks more gorgeous on than in the actual tube. Or the foundation that works just right with your skin. When products exceed your expectation of it. I've recently purchased items that have absolutely taken me by surprise.

I stopped by Ulta about a week and a half ago, and while inside I came across a collection of items that the brand Too Faced had put together. The collection was called Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings. It's an assortment of the four best products of this brand that have been raved about by other well known bloggers. Sold by the packaging and presentation, I decided to give it a go.

After trying these products out since then, two of the products stood out to me the most. The Shadow Insurance Eye Primer, and the Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer. Two of the best products, in my opinion. I was very skeptical of how I would like the Shadow Insurance primer because I've been using Urban Decay's Primer Potion for years. Although UD's Primer Potion is still my top favorite eye primer, TF's Shadow Insurance certainly cuts a close second. I realized just how much I loved the TF primer after I got baptized last Sunday. Going back home after that I noticed even after being submerged in water that my eye shadow did not budge. I ended up redoing the rest of my face makeup except my eye shadow.

 I have the deluxe sample size of the primer but a little really does go a long way. It has a tint to it right out of the tube but as soon as you apply it to your lids it's pretty much colorless (which I don't mind). The application of this primer is smooth and seamless and is certainly anti-crease just as it claims. Needless to say I'm very impressed with this product.

Moving on to the delicious - smelling Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer. First thing I noticed about it (after I opened it of course) was that it indeed smells like chocolate; that is definitely a plus right there for me. Secondly, that it's matte which was just the kind I was looking for in a bronzer. I'm no makeup professional by any means so trying to find a really good bronzer is always a bit difficult. This one just came along with a few other deluxe samples and now it's my favorite. It gives me a sun kissed glow without looking orange or over done. This product is very pigmented so a light touch with my brush will do the trick for me.

Over all, I'm extremely happy with these two beauty items and they will surely be staying in my makeup kit. I have a feeling once I run out I'll be going back for more. If you're looking for a high end great working bronzer or a stay-in-place eye shadow primer I recommend these. If you have your own "Beauty Surprise" feel free to tell me about it so I can check them out as well!

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  1. Sounds like these products are definitely worth a try. Thanks for the post. The photos are lovely as well. Keep up the good work. Look forward to hearing more from you.