03 February 2016

Eimi Volumizing Products

At the salon where I work, we've recently converted over from being a Paul Mitchell based salon to a Wella based salon. Wella is a European based hair care company. For some reason I was beyond excited when our massive shipment of Wella products came in. They have hair care as well as hair styling products and thats what drew me the most. Wella's hair styling products are called Eimi. Cuuutteee! Eimi has products that are catergorized such as Volume, Smooth, Texture, Shine, and Fixing Hairsprays. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in a post before but I loovvvee big hair. The more volume the better. I, however, don't know how to style my hair to give it more of a lift. My hair is quite fine, flat, and lifeless so when I have a chance to get it styled by someone I jump at the chance.

I'm highly influenced by how well a product is packaged and I'm loving Eimi's simple yet girly style. I'm slowly building a collection of the volumizing products. The first that caught my eye were the Root Shoot and the Sugar Lift; both in the volumizing category.

I have very fine hair especially on the top of my head so it's very easy to for my hair to just sit flat. I picked up these two simple products to help me during my styling process. Root Shoot is pretty self explanatory. It's a root lifting moose that you apply to damp hair and then blow dry accordingly. Sugar Lift is a... well let me explain it the way Wella does. It's a "rich flexible spray infused with sugar to provide lift, shine and touchable grippy texture". (You have to admit you'd be interested in anything called Sugar Lift!) You can apply it to damp hair or dry hair to give it some texture.

It's all trial and error as I test these out and learn more on how to style my hair the way I'd really like it to be. I'll put up an updated post on how these turned out for me.

Have you used Eimi before? What's your favorite styling product?

Thanks for reading!



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